Many talents.

The Barrone is the synthesis of a standard and a reading lamp with a new interpretation. The initially challenging appearance – round, with juxtaposing angular elements – appears elegantly logical at second glance.

The edge head/stand fastening gives the stele look an expressive tension. Dynamic detail is added by the deliberately asymmetrical light output openings in the head section.

The head swivels through 180° to change the overall height, converting the Barrone from a free-standing uplight into a reading light. When used in combination with almost any kind of chair, the lamp head shines at a pleasant height above the reader's shoulder while still in easy reach. Up- and downlight have separate switches and dimmers. The 24 watt reading lamp function generates an immensely bright light on request. The head can be turned and swivelled continuously. The reading light can be adjusted adequately to any situation and reading environment.

In staircases or rooms with higher ceilings, the Barrone sets individual accents as a free-standing uplight. When positioned accordingly, both the function and the form showcase their characteristic qualities.

The proportions appear to change according to the perspective. The diameter of the head section is slightly larger than the stand. The asymmetrical design together with the ability to swivel and tilt make the lamp appear new from every angle.

The vertical proportions of the shade generate neatly demarcated direct light shining downwards and upwards. Precise lenses ensure harmonious, clearly defined glare-free light. The additional light output at the base of the stand with continuous light close to the ground makes it look as if the lamp is floating on a discreet cushion of light, particularly when there is little ambient lighting.

Application area: Reading light, Uplight
Lichtleistung: max. 6800lm Downlight, max. 6800lm Uplight
Color of light: 2700°K
Control: Dimmable via push button Taster, seperately for Up- and Downlight
White matt, powdercoated, RAL 9016fs; 
Black matt, powdercoated RAL 9005fs