Filo / FILO 625

Filo – a profile system in three versions with a downwards flow of direct light. It can be used as a structural design element that adds variety to the ceiling in the recessed version with minimum frame, or surface-mounted, or suspended by steel cables. Precise mitre angles and junction points enhance the possibilities for discerning room design.

Shortened ceiling panels can be added for integrating Filo 625 in grid ceilings.

Product data:


Recessed, surface-mounted or pendant conduit
Basic size: module length x70x100mm
Module lengths: 600mm / 900mm / 1200mm / 1500mm
LED lumen standard components: 1300lm / 1950lm / 2600lm / 3250lm
System output: max. 10W / max. 15W / max. 20W / max. 25W
LED lumen high-out: 2200lm / 3300lm / 4400lm / 5500lm
System output: max. 15W / max. 25W / max. 30W / max. 40W
Technical features: on/off, with dimmer or light and movement sensor
Surfaces: anodised aluminium or powder-coated in choice of RAL colours
Light output: direct 

Filo 625

Recessed ceiling conduit
Basic size: 625x70x100mm
LED lumen: 2200lm
System output: max. 15W
Light output: direct