Linea 50/70

Linea comes in two formats (50/70mm) with a square cross section as a pendant profile system or individual lamp.

The wide range of diverse technical features for this lamp permits precisely controlled lighting despite its extremely minimalist appearance, thus leaving the necessary scope for interior design.

Product data:

Pendant profile system
Basic size: 50x50mm / 70x70mm
Lengths: 1750mm / 2050mm / 2400mm / 3000mm
LED lumen Linea 50: 8800lm / 11000lm / 13200lm / 17600lm
System output: max. 60W / max. 90W / max. 135W / max. 120W
LED lumen Linea 70: 7800lm / 11050lm / 11700lm / 15600lm
System output: max. 60W / max. 80W / max. 90W / max. 120W
Technical features: on/off, with dimmer or light and movement sensor
Surfaces: anodised aluminium or powder-coated in choice of RAL colours
Light output: direct, direct + indirect or indirect