Centered filigree.

The Tornio appears as ethereal as light itself, a fixture from a seductive utopia. While it may seem simple at first glance, the piece features a complex design. The flat, disc-like shade obscures a diffusing ring and is pierced by a delicate brass rod. The volcano-like shape of the lamp head at the entry point for the rod is a playful design choice with major impact. By imitating the appearance of elastic, this element breaks through the unyielding precision of the piece’s metalwork and gives the Tornio its extraordinary, almost enigmatic presence. The lamp’s round head and angular base plate serve as geometric complements in its design, rounding out its profusion of electrifying contrast. The high-lustre, chrome-plated aluminium lamp is a futuristic design piece, which provides concentrated illumination beyond compare.

As a floor lamp, this introverted beauty offers refined technical touches such as a glare-free down-lit reading light, which can be redirected part way to convert it into an uplight and a table-like surface with an integrated wireless charging station for smartphones.


When serving as a table or hanging lamp, the Tornio remains a unique design piece, which lends itself to high-end lighting and interior design for those with sophisticated lamp-light needs.