Piani Mono

The essence.

The Piani Mono is a masterpiece of simplicity. With a length of 95, 125, 165 or 195 cm, 10 mm solid aluminium successfully defies the laws of gravity. A charming line in the room, creating a pleasant warm-white lighting effect on the table. Mono can also be tilted in the longitudinal axis. Important for example for glare-free workplaces. The Piani Mono is made of 10 mm plates of solid aluminium, which are milled to shape and then polished by hand until the room is reflected in the surface. No other lamp has such top quality radiance, combined with an unsurpassed filigree effect. Held by the silver-plated copper braid carrying the power supply, it hovers over homogeneously illuminated tables like a shining jewel. Dimmable: Via gesture control and Dim2Warm LED modules in the warm color range of 2100-2700K, or by phase cut with a pleasant 2700K.

Application area: Living, Working
Light output:
PIANI MONO 95: max. 1850lm
PIANI MONO 125: max. 2450lm
PIANI MONO 165: max. 3060lm
PIANI MONO 195: max. 3700lm
Color of light: 2100-2700°K
Control: Dimmable (Dim2Warm) via gesture control
Aluminum matt anodized;
Aluminum high-gloss polished;
Aluminum black matt anodized;
Aluminum light bronze anodized