Squadra Mono

Tied on the side.

The clarity of the whole Squadra series comes from what must be the most reduced constructive shape: the square profile. Well proportioned and arranged, it results in a practically unrivalled design language. Making a clear statement and without being subject to any rules of style, it fits in any interior. The Squadra Mono pendant lamp is no exception, although it is the only lamp with just one profile. The two matt translucent end caps define the end of the corpus. Mono hovers weightlessly over the homogeneously illuminated table surface, held invisibly by two braided copper wires, revealed only by the holders curving around the profile on one side. The available lengths of 125 and 165 cm adapt to the dimensions of the table. Plain. Simple.

The 8 or 10 reflecting cone-shaped LED recesses are only visible from below and produce glare-free light. A lamp for short or long tables, short or long evenings.