Squadrina Pico

Flexible elegance.

Squadrina Pico. Like its big sister Squadrina, the Pico version is again a companion for daily desk work. But you will also find the Pico in cosy, unusual places. These include for example the hidden lectern under the bunk bed, the folding table at the bookshelves or the aperitif bar in the wall unit. Compact. Held by table base, table clamp or wall fastening.

As well as being highly flexible thanks to rotating and tilting joints, one unusual feature of the lamp is the way in which the upper arm turns. It can be rotated through 30° to either side for individual, situative adjustment of the direction in which the light shines. The lever switch integrated directly between the light zones is used to switch on one or both LEDs. The clarity of the whole Squadra family comes from what must be the most reduced constructive shape: the square profile. Well proportioned and arranged, it results in a practically unrivalled design language. Making a clear statement and without being subject to any rules of style, it fits in any interior.